Welcome to the blog for Lab Sections with Dr. Robinson.

About the Lab: The lab is the “hands-on” component of the course.  You are expected to be in all labs both to learn and to show your progress in creating websites.

To create good websites you need to know how to code html5 and CSS,  how to obtain and include good photographs (ideally ones you have taken) and how to use graphics and layout to create an attractive site.

If you are in lab every week you will learn and master the creation of web sites through CSS and html5.   You will find what you learn in this lab to be a great skill that will help you for many jobs you might have in your future.

About Dr. Robinson:

Dr. Robinson is three times a gator.  She has enjoyed creating web pages and digital multimedia for more than 15 years.  She maintains several multimedia (print, photo, video, audio) blogs and has created and delivered several online multimedia courses. Two courses for journalists that you might find helpful  “Reporting Across Platforms” and “Video Storytelling for the Web” are available free through NewsU.

The Photo in the banner was taken on the La Chua Trail in Paynes Prairie during American Thanksgiving 2010.  A beautiful day for a walk among gators.  If you’ve never walked out to the lookout on the La Chua trail or biked the attached Gainesville-Hawthorne rail trail, you owe it to yourself to do it while you live in Gainesville.  You will enjoy a variety of birds and large gators sunning.

The photo was colorized in Photoshop.  You can learn several Photoshop strategies through Lynda.com.  If you are a Gator, this service is available free to you here.


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