Editing Audio

In Lab this week we will practice editing and create audio using:

  • Audacity for Windows or Macintosh
  • GarageBand for Mac Laptop
  • GarageBand for iPad (they are very different from each other)
  • The Levelator

If you want to bring your iPad or Mac laptop to have practice during class then do so.  GarageBand is not on Windows machines.

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Using Soundslides as one way to create a video for your final project


  1. View video  ”How Soundslides Works
  2. Practice making a Soundslides presentation with either the  PowWow  or the BBQ kit.  A kit includes an audio track, images and in the case of the BBQ kit, captions.
  3. Note differences in presentations.
    1. Movie made in Soundslides – notice the “not-good” look with different photo widths
    2. Made with Soundslides Plus (uses Ken Burns effect)
  4.  Learn how to embed the player into a web page.
  5. Learn how to convert the Soundslides to video if you don’t have the video plugin.
  6. Consider other ways to make a slideshow for your site.
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